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  • "The joy of living"
  • "The joy of living"


Wife, mother of 16 children, grandmother of several grandchildren, (still being born), housewife, Dressmaker, Entrepreneur, Founder and president of CatholicosOnLine, Vision Católica TV and Flos Dei Productions. Propagator of Virgin of Forgiveness and of Yes to the children.


In 2015, she becomes the eighth member of the girlband Flos Mariae.

Some of the Bellido Durán sisters (Alba, María, Flor, Estel, Victoria, Patricia and Montserrat) promised to the Virgin, to Jesus, that if their mother, Maria Durán de Bellido (the founder of CatholicosOnLine), recovered of the malignant tumor, they would do a musical group to venerate the Virgin Mary and to spread the christian catholic faith, and Maria Durán de Bellido promised to the Virgin that ...

Maria Duran of Bellido died on September 23, 2016 because of heart failure.