Tema Actual

  • "The joy of living"
  • "The joy of living"

Tema Actual 1 - JOY OF LIVING

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My dear friend, I'm very happy to live, I have joy and I'm enthusiastic about having life and be able to speak to you.

I have thought of commenting weekly topics, which I will call "Tema Actual" (Topic Actual), it will be topics to make your life happy, because I don't want to bother your day, but I desire that you, after reading o hearing me, you feel happy. I want it, because living is good, it is wonderful to have life. The things that can be done living!, plenty and wonderful.

This year, I want to do good things, things that do the good, why am I going to want to do things that harm?; no, no, I want to do things that make happy the life of the others, because I'm very happy to be alive; I'm alive, and I live happy because having life, I can make happy the life of the others; how?, well, I think that loving God above all the things, and loving Him so much, so much like I love it, everything what happens to me, everything through what I live, it is good, whatever it may be, because the God's Love has never failed me, neither the Virgin Mary's love, Mother of God, my precious Virgin, my Mother.

Living, on having life, I'm so happy!; I'm, so happy to live, it is wonderful!; you, you who live, enjoy the life, and if you are sick or with sadnesses, pray the Rosary, there are promises of the Virgin, by praying it, that the Virgin fulfills, by your prayer of the rosary! Pray to God and ask to him what is what you want, and wait for a miracle, by direct via of the Heaven or by the Divine Providence, which allows and wants that the good comes to you from those who do the things good, but wait for a miracle, wait for the God's mercy, because God can everything, it's written in the Holy Bible, and to it I send you, to the Sacred Scripture, in order that you become happy on this day and in all your life.

Make your life happy, reading the Holy Bible.

I love you very much.

Thank you.

Always go ahead with the faith.

María Durán de Bellido
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