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  • "The joy of living"

Tema Actual 12 - GOD SUFFERS

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My dear friend, how much I have wept for God's suffering, for these words written in the Holy Bible, these that now I say to you: "When the LORD saw how great was man's wickedness on earth, and how no desire that his heart conceived was ever anything but evil, he regretted that he had made man on the earth, and his heart was grieved. So the LORD said: "I will wipe out from the earth the men whom I have created, and not only the men, but also the beasts and the creeping things and the birds of the air, for I am sorry that I made them." But Noah found favor with the LORD."

God felt such sorrow, God grew sad. Oh, my God!, that the man could manage to sadden You, could manage to make You suffer as it did and we read. And in such a way You suffered, that You decided to end, to finish with him, and together with him all the beasts; I think a lot about this, about this suffering of God, I'm a mother. What pain, and then I have a question, what had Noah that didn't have the others?; I was pondering over this, and my answer, my opinion, it is his faith, that faith that he obeyed, without  paying attention to the teasing of the others.

The worldliness speaks shouting about the capitalism, and announces us the egoism and separates us of the faith.

Noah did not make suffer God, because he loved Him and he obeyed Him, in spite of the persons who neither obeyed Him, nor loved Him, who were all the rest, all the rest. Only Noah loved Him and obeyed Him. God was speaking to him, was speaking with Noah, Noah had private revelations and he obeyed the God's Voice. He, God, gave to Noah the measures of the Ark, said to him how it had to be, and how to do it, and when to get into it, and Noah believed and was saved, he, and his family, and by his faith, by his obedience to the God's Voice, he saved the Humanity, the entire Humanity. Although God was saying incredible things to him, as give to him the measures of the Ark, its form and to whom had to take with him, to the animals, which in due time, they approached the Ark and entered there; Noah didn't have to look for them, each one went to Noah; this is written in the Holy Bible, and it's God's Word. It's faith.

The faith is not to speak with others about it, about our faith, but it's to fulfill the God's will, and although the others see it, we must continue obeying the Love, God, Who suffers for the evilness of the world, this God who regretted that He had done so many good things, because it's good that the man exists; if it was not anything good, God would not have planned and carried out it.

Before the God's suffering and the shouts of the worldliness, to which does our heart, hear?

Forgive me my friend, no, no, I don't want to ask you, I don't want to know what you have chosen, how you choose or how you will choose, I don't want to ask you it. I, by my deeds and words, you will see what I have decided, and that same I will see of you, my dear friend, by your deeds and words.

I love you very much.

Thank you.

Always go ahead with faith.

María Durán de Bellido
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