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Tema Actual 13 - SATAN, THE BAD ANGEL

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My dear friend, today I will talk about Satan, the Bad Angel; I have thought about him, and this is what I have thought: God created the heavens and the earth, and He created all the perfect beings that are in Him, in the Heaven; when I say that they are in Him, I say it because they are joined to Him, in communion with Him, being them, His faithful serfs, for love, because by love they were created, as everything what God created; we were also created by love, you and I, by God. These beings who live in Him, are perfect beings; and which is the perfection?, I think that the perfection is to love God above all things and people, above oneself, and to obey Him and to serve Him in spite of being free, moreover, being free, we obey Him. And so, I think that these perfect beings called angels, I think that is what they do and are, they do goodnesses for the love of God, and are free. According to what I have read in the Holy Bible, it seems that there was a wonderful angel, of an incredible beauty, wise and perfect, as all the angels, but this Angel, I have read in some place in the Holy Bible, he was shining with a beautiful light, this Angel that some called "Lucifer", one day this Angel opposed freely to God's will. According to what I read in Revelation, I think it might be that he did not agree with the coming of the Son of God into the world, through the Virgin Mary, and being the Messiah. Of course, human beings, the persons, we are not of the same spiritual category as the angels, I had seemed to understand it from reading the Holy Bible also, it seems that this wonderful angel didn't like us too much, because I think that to receive this love with which God loves us, and we see it, and we have verified it in His Son Jesus Christ, God Himself, I think that it can be a motive for envy, because, God truly loves us!, so much He loves us that He died for you, for me.
But let's return to the beautiful angel, to this angel who rebelled against God and was bad, because bad is anyone who doesn't do good, and the good is not done when anyone do something against God's will. Then, this angel, being opposed to God, he started recruiting other angels that agreed with him, because the angels are free, as the persons are free. God had created the heavens and the earth, and He had plans of creating the man, plans of putting the man to live in a wonderful garden, the Garden of Eden, called Paradise. It seems that the angel who began the rebellion didn't like that either, and we have clues according to which, this happened, because in fact, we read in the Holy Bible, that the serpent tempted Eve, this serpent that was the angel who before had been good. And why did he tempted her?, I think that by jealousy, because he wanted to get his own way, to obstruct God's plans, in God's plans was already included loving us so much, like He loves us. I read in Revelation, that the angels divided; Saint Michael, faithful to God, led the same ones, the good angels, against Lucifer, this angel who rebelled against God, and together with him, the angels that follow him. It seems that there was a fight, I cannot imagine it because, what fight can spiritual beings have? I don't know, another day I will think about it, you already know that I like to think, to ponder, I have said it to you, I said it to you in some other video. They won, logically, the good angels led by Saint Michael, and Lucifer was defeated and sentenced by God to leave the Heaven; his name, it seems to be, that is Satan, the bad angel. I don't talk about a bad "god", I don't say a bad "god", but I clearly expound and I say that Satan is a bad angel, an angel as Saint Michael, but Saint Michael is good, and Satan is bad. I want this to be very clear, because I think, from what I read once, or some person has commented to me, I think that some people think that Satan is a god and that he fought against God, I mean, I think that they think that two gods fought, but not, there is only one God, the Creator, the Savior, the Love; Satan is a bad angel, and all the other angels that followed him, they are called Demons, in order to not be saying bad angel, but demon means bad angel.

Satan was not tempted by other superior being, but he tempted Eve indeed, Satan was not pursued by other superior being, but he pursue Eve indeed, Satan was the maximum of the spiritual beings, and the maximum thing is the highest goodness, the higher wisdom, the higher beauty, and not physical beauty, we are talking about spiritual beings, and the beauty is in the purest goodness to God's service. Satan had been serving God, but being free as he was, he decided stop serving God freely, and he left his beauty, he lost his wisdom, he changed God's love, for love to himself, and that, always brings bad consequences, in both angels and persons, because we all, everyone, have our happiness loving and serving God, Who created us for love.

Satan and his demons were cast into Hell, because they could not live in the Heaven, God cannot be in the evil, He is not in the bad thing, as neither He is when we have sinned, when we misbehave, when we behave badly; God has his habitat, which is the supreme goodness and the infinite love.

Satan were cast into Hell, a place where God is not, and where God is not, there is no beauty, there is no goodness, there is nothing that man, person, wishes, that always we look for people that love us, that appreciate us, that help us. In Hell, there is nothing of it, all evil is there, and the evil contains pain, suffering, loneliness and God's absence.

There is no going back for Satan, he cannot becomes good, he will never be good!, he was already in maximum degree, and freely he renounced to continue being good. Things can no longer change for him, and neither will change for any of the human beings after the particular and personal judgment that they have when they die. This, although it's bad, brings hopes, because we are still alive, we are not sentenced to Hell yet, we are fighting our battles like Satan with his demons were fighting against Saint Michael and God's angels.

Adam and Eve were two, man and woman, they lived in the Paradise; Satan pursued the woman, tirelessly, ferociously; don't think that it was a simple talk, Eve was tempted with the subtlest spiritual weapons, and, poor thing, Eve fell into temptation, dragging Adam to the sin of disobedience, and dragging the whole human generation who would come after her.

The angels, spiritual beings, neither have physical body, nor are two sexes, male and female, as are the man and the woman; the spiritual beings are not begotten between each other, God created them forever in an instant, in a moment, because of it, all the demons that followed Satan, were also sentenced to Hell. I want to say with this, that we, who were born after Adam and Eve, we were not in the Paradise, we were not tempted by Satan, as Eve was tempted, we came later, after Adam and Eve were punished for their terrible sin. What madness!, to obey a beast, if they spoke directly with God, and they knew Him, and they were dealing with Him, and God had given them all the best for live eternally, forever, they and their descendants, we.

Satan and his demons, after sinning, were sentenced to Hell. Adam and Eve, after sinning, were thrown out of Paradise and lived in the planet Earth, in this world that we know, in this world where we are, and where we still have the wonderful opportunity to go with God, to return to the encounter with God, to see Him face to face, as Adam and Eve saw Him; He, God, lives in the Kingdom of Heaven, and those who living in the planet Earth, love God above all things and people and their neighbors as they love themselves, for the love of God, these ones go to the New Paradise, these ones go to the Kingdom of Heaven, there where Jesus Christ waits for us, since He rose to Heaven, after His Resurrection from the dead, the sentenced ones to the Kingdom of Heaven, for their faith, for the good works of their faith. Mind you, not for the faith in themselves, but for the faith in God Creator, Redeemer and Savior. Wow, I have so many things to say to you, so many, as for example, ask you this question: do you believe in the Holy Bible?, do you believe in the Gospels?, I think that these books were found written so many years ago, and they tell us the whole history of the world; because of these books we know it, we know everything, it's the wisdom within our reach, it's the most direct contact with God's Word, this word of God that, when we read it with a pure heart, with heart of a child, this word of God fills us with a life-giving strength which fills us with hope, which pushes us to be better, which put us on our knees before God, and we cry because of our sins asking God for forgiveness.

Let's return to Satan, he is in Hell, and it seems that he has permissions to be in the planet Earth. He already had permission, and that's why he tempted Eve. I think that it must be a spiritual quality of the spiritual beings, in the same way as we have the Guardian Angels, who always help us and are ready to do it in very concrete things, if we ask him for it. I have also read it in the Holy Bible. The Holy Bible is wonderful!, oh, please my friend, don't miss it! read it, read it to know God, to know your history, to know your destination, and to decide it. You can decide your destination, because you know your history and you know Christ.

Satan, the tempter, is hereabouts, in the earth, tempting us, this is his job, this is what he and his demons do, to tempt us; and how he does it?, one of his ways more feasible of tempting us, is imitating our voice and entering in our thoughts, making us believe that we are thinking what he says, and that really we have not thought, but being our voice, and by insisting and insisting so much, that idea can turn into obsession, and if we carry it out, we sin; because of it, the work is something wonderful, not only to be busy mentally and physically, but also because working in honest, good, moral things, we make a better world. I think that the saints have worked a lot, how many wonderful works have they done. But about this I will already talk another day.

Satan and his demons live in the Hell, and for being spiritual, they can tempt us; might be from Hell?, because they don't have body, probably they tempt us from Hell, I don't know it, I just think it right now, I will already go more deeply into this topic, you already know that I like to think, to ponder.

Seemingly, according to comments that some persons has said me, it seems that there are people, persons, who want to go to Hell after they die, and I don't understand it, maybe they don't know God as I know Him, perhaps they have not realized that many things that they believe they think, aren't they, but it is another voice that imitates their voice; we must be very clear about, what is oneself, what want oneself and what know oneself. I know that God loves me and He is the Supreme Goodness, I don't doubt God, I doubt the temptation, that voice that is not mine and that looks like my voice, if I hear it, I say to myself quickly: "Maria, it's not like that". And that is very clear to me,  because I know Ten Commandments, and I know, by them, what God wants from me and what He prohibits me; it's easy, there are a few rules to carry out in order to be perfect persons, and these rules, these laws, are the Ten Commandments. That´s all; to follow them, to carry them out, takes you to the Heaven, together with the sacraments; to skip them, to not comply with them, it takes you to Satan and his demons, which are far from God and nevermore they are going to be with Him, because for them the trial is already over; but you, I, all of us who live in the planet Earth, we still have hope, because while there's life, there's hope; please, never forget this, I repeat it, while there's life, there's hope; and God loves you and wants you in the Kingdom of Heaven, because you had to live in the Paradise, your destination was the Paradise, but Satan, by tempting Eve, had Eve and Adam expelled, and all the rest of the human species, that we have born later, we have the possibility, the joy, the happiness to be able, each one, to earn Heaven on our own, the entrance into the Kingdom of Heaven, the New Paradise; because Christ died for us, but you must know that you will be tempted, many times and every day, but that also exist the God's angels, and of course!, exists the Eucharist, which is God Himself who hugs you, in body and soul, Jesus, and you have, don't forget it, the prayer of the Holy Rosary, where Mary Immaculate, the Mother of God, helps you in everything you ask her, and she presents it to God the Father in name of her Son, Jesus!

I love you very much, my friend.

Thank you.

Always go ahead with faith.

María Durán de Bellido
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