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  • "The joy of living"
  • "The joy of living"


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My dear friend, the people of God, the baptized Catholic Christians, if we comply, God helps us always. The nations; people who is not baptized and they are part of the planet Earth, people who could be baptized if they wanted, the nations, for God, are these fellowmen that, as the people of God, are in image and likeness of God. I wonder, what differentiates us, that separates us so much?; the love to the Father; we, the baptized, we love God, really we love Him indeed, here, inside our heart; we feel the strong heartbeat of a beautiful love for the Creator and Savior. What do they feel?, what do, the peoples of the nations, have in the heart?, what take the place of God?, what beats in their heart? Many times I have prayed in order that the people have faith freely; why don't some people have faith?; I have cried for them, it hurts me, and I don't know why it hurts me so much, but it hurts me, and makes me sad that some persons don't feel this love for God, this love that the Christians we feel, that the Catholics we spread with our works of faith.

The Virgin Mary, I ask Her to console me, because it hurts me, that the nations do not have faith hurts me, that they don't live of faith, and that they don't spread the faith.

I have read in the Holy Bible, that the peoples of the nations, so often have gone against the people of God; when the people of God have stopped complying the God's Law. It seems that, according to what I have read in the Holy Bible, that God allows the punishment of the nations to His people, in order that the people reacts and returns to looking at the God's face. And it seems that this worked, of course, after many "beatings" that the nations were giving to the people of God, and seems to be that the fault of being punished was that the people of God, was adopting the way of life of the nations, forgetting the God's Law, to serve the widows and the orphans, the weak and needy.

I love you very much, thank you.

Always go ahead with faith.

María Durán de Bellido
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