Tema Actual

  • "The joy of living"
  • "The joy of living"

Tema Actual 2 - TO BE REALISTIC

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Dear friend, the faith leads me to being realistic, because it's real that God, Jesus, came to the world born of the Virgin Mary, being Son of God. Happiness!

To be happy for knowing the truth that God Loves us, and so much, that He came to the world to save us; this fills me with happiness and I feel a joy that fills all my heart and almost it makes it exploit of joy. I think that the faith must be this, to feel this what I feel and that I haven't done anything to feel it, I mean, my life is common and current, I live carrying out my duty and trying to be in God's Grace, nothing more than this, which is what we all the Catholics do, and nevertheless, I'm so happy, I'm so happy!, I feel as if thousands of smiles were living in me, in my heart, smiles that make my day happy, smiles that make me company while I live my day to day, doing my work and living always in the God's presence, going by the hand of the Virgin Mary, which always I have to my side, for my desire of She remains there, I want Her with me always, always. And when I pray the second mystery of Joyful, which is the Visitation of the Virgin to her cousin Elizabeth, I cannot stop saying to the Virgin, that she not only does what she did with her cousin Elizabeth, that she went to see her and to take care of her for some months; I want that She, the Virgin Mary, remains the whole life with me, always to my side, feeling her maternal care, and this happiness that gives to live with the Purity of the Immaculate Virgin, also I wish it to you, yes, to you. Don't you think equal, don't you wish the same?; and the good thing, it's that Maria can live the whole day with me, and with you, also with you, and with me. What a happiness!, my God, give your Mother to us, for each one. What a happiness!

This happiness is the one that I wish you and want for you, my friend, in order that we enjoy the life; and what more and better that to live always and in every moment under the care of the Virgin Mary, Mother of God and our, ours.

Christian happiness!

I love you very much. Come on!

Thank you my friend.

Always go ahead with the faith.

María Durán de Bellido
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