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  • "The joy of living"
  • "The joy of living"

Tema Actual 21 - LOVE THE WORK

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My dear friend, is wonderful that you can do something, something of yours, exclusive, made with your work, with a good work, decent, honest. In truth, I say it to you, work in something, although can only be at times, but do something that you like, something that leaves your mark, and in that work, there is your desire of wanting to do it, of enjoying doing it, of serving the others with it.

The work is a blessing, is realize that you are useful and that you're good for something, that you are not a nuisance, but you have the satisfaction that you do something for the others, something that contributes to make a better world, because every good action has good consequences.

The person, during the time that lives in this world, has a lot of time and can do many things, and must do them, and I do not refer to hobbies, I talk about work.

There are no simple works, what is done by love, beginning for loving God, everything is necessary, everything finds a place to adapt and to bear fruit.

I wish you can live from this work, perhaps you still cannot, and you have to have two works, one to sustain yourself, and the other to enjoy, but I ask you, that you do the work that sustain yourself, with will, thanking God for the opportunity of that work, and for the bread that it gives to you, and pray that Virgin Mary intercede for you, and for this work that you like so much, so that one day it might be this job that supports you. I wish you this, my friend.

I love you very much.

Thank you, my friend.

Always go ahead with faith.

María Durán de Bellido
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