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  • "The joy of living"
  • "The joy of living"

Tema Actual 3 - THE GOOD COMPANY

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Dear friend, all expect from you and from me, to be this good company that we all want to find; and what a happiness!, it's really a happiness to be reason of good company. It isn't necessary to talk very much, sometimes it's so nice to be next to the others and to be, to be there, with a presence of peace, doing what you must do, doing your works, carrying out with your responsibilities, bringing the peace, this peace of making a well done work, done always offering it to God in order to make Him happy of have trusted in oneself. To me, I do not know you, but to me it's touching to know that God trusts in me, relies on me, and hopes that it carry out with my duty. How can I disappoint God, who so much loves me?; really, if He gets disappointed of me, I hope to be without me realize, but that He doesn't get disappointed because neither I, nor you, want to disappoint Him.

A christian life, I think that it's to live the life for and in order to Christ.

You have peace when you are next to a person who doesn't criticize, who sees everything with the hope that God can remedy everything, if we ask for it to Him; it's normal that we live always in the God's presence, because constantly we have to asking Him for things, in order that He help to us or to the others.

This company that we all want, we also have to be, all of us, you and I.

That no one feels alone when he/she is beside us, not because we talk very much or little, but because he/she feels understood, accepted, valued, like each one wants to feel; and when someone makes you feel it, you are so well that the life seems to be wonderful, and it's that life is not to live it in solitarily, but to be solidary.

Sure that you can be a good company for whom you find in your life, be for a moment, for short time, or for share all your entire life.

Have the happiness of the good company!

I love you very much.

Thank you my friend.

Always go ahead with the faith.

María Durán de Bellido
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