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  • "The joy of living"


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Dear friend, I will talk to you about a displeasure accepted with pleasure.

When a dear person gives us a displeasure, accept it with pleasure, that is to say, let's not add fuel to the fire, getting very angry! Better let's go to God, and this is the pleasure; because of the displeasure, we please of praying to God in order that He acts in favor of the saintliness in everybody.

Nobody is perfect, nobody is saint yet, and we know that every day we are going to be tempted, every day we are going to be tempted, we are tempted, every day, all of us, and it's good to be informed about this, that every day, you, I, and all, we are going to be tempted, in order that falling down, let's separate of the right way of the ten commandments.

We should not add fuel to the fire, because if in addition, who has been tempted, receives our reproach, then, instead of charity, what do we give?; discomfort, sure.

Let's think the truth, that we also are going to be today, every day, tempted, and sometimes, the temptation comes for the fall in the temptation that others have suffered.

It's good to be good and have kindness, and not only expect for the kindness from others, but expects always give our kindness to the others.

To the hurt that we receive from the others, let's not add answering to the offenses. Yes, we feel it, God felt the lashes and the spits and insults!, and he keep silent; we, in imitation to Christ, we feel the pain, but let's be silent and keep fulfilling our duty, because we owe it to God, to Him we owe be independent from each other, in order that in this way, what others do, doesn't make us sin. To who we must be joined, by the Communion, is to God, be united to God, who was silent and forgave and saved, and saves all.

We don't save anybody, only God saves, but we can smooth the falls of the others in his temptation, giving good example of being lambs.

I love you very much.

Thank you my friend, thank you.

Always go ahead with faith.

María Durán de Bellido
© copyright


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