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  • "The joy of living"
  • "The joy of living"


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Dear friend, I don’t know when it was, but I remember that suddenly, when I was a child, I started having memories, to remember things that it had done, that I had lived in my childhood, but I don’t remember anything of when I was born, nor my first months of life, and I think that I neither remember my first years, nor when I was in the womb of my mother. And I have thought about this sometimes, because really I don’t remember anything of when I was a fetus or newborn baby; and to think that I was myself, I who already existed, I to whom they were taking care of me and feeding me, because I could not do it alone, and I give thanks to my parents for it, I’m so grateful to them for it, the fact that they gave to me the life and they were taking care of me when I was a baby and a girl.

When did I start thinking?, because I don’t remember it, I don’t remember the day that I started to think; I remember that suddenly I had memories, I remember that I had experience of my memories, not of all them, but of which I started remembering.

My parents said to me, they said to me that they were my parents, but I’m not aware that they are, I believed it and I believe it, and I love them very much for it, for being my parents, but I trusted they, they said it to me with their voice.

A teacher or a neighbour might have told that she was my mother, but not, nobody said to me, apart from my parents, that they were my parents. I was living with them and I was calling them dad, mom. I trusted them, I trusted the society, the documents signed in its moment and registered in the local Town hall and in the family book that my parents have, as spouses, as marriage. There says it.

Evidently I could not come to this world alone, because it’s necessary from a male and a female to create a son of the same species; this is like that, for all, for all. But of course, there had to be the first male and the first female, and this way it was that the whole generation of the person came from two persons: man and woman, joining the masculine and feminine; this is the way, this was the way, this will be the way.

And who did, who created this first father, this first mother, for the human life in the earth? God, the Love, because the Love loves and is the force, the potential of the soul, of the essence, of what it is for being. I think it, because the destruction, for me, is the evil; and the creation, the construction, is the good. Do the good it's hard, to destroy not, but to create, yes, it needs of a potencial of love, of a giving of love, of doing the things well because you love; and God, for me, for me, God is Love. I could call Him Love instead of God, and I would call Him as who is: Love.

All these things I think sometimes, because I like very much to meditate, because I feel good, in peace, thinking about things. I'm not afraid of thinking, I don't mind to investigate and to look for the truth, because I'm not afraid of the truth, it is what is and I want to know it. Yes, I like very much to think and to meditate, I like it. I don't feel alone meditating with myself, but I feel good, with myself, doing the exercise of thinking, of looking for solutions in my mind to things that I don't know and which give me curiosity. I'm catholic and I know the catholic doctrine, because of this, I'm not afraid of thinking; I know that God exists and that He attends to me, then, if I think well, God helps me to know Him according to my way of reasoning. Some people do it in one manner and others in another one, I reason with the love, supporting everything in the Love, in God, this is always my intention. And I understand the things, they are easy to understand for me, when I discern everything under God, under the Love. I feel so loved by God!, so much!, that I'm so happy. Oh, friend, my friend, I love you so much, yes, I love you so much… Thank you.

Always go ahead with faith.

María Durán de Bellido
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