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  • "The joy of living"
  • "The joy of living"


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My dear friend, this earthly life limits us, so often, the thought, and it's difficult to many to think that God exists since always, and nevertheless, that's how it is; God exists since always, nobody made Him, nobody will destroy Him. And the wonderful thing of everything, is that He had a plan, the magnificent plan of creating the man, of preparing the Paradise in order that him was eternally happy in it, with the birds and all kinds of animals, with the vegetation and the minerals, with everything what He created and put at the disposal of the man. So many people forget this reality, many people forget the Paradise, yes, and so many people criticize the sorrow that exist in the earth, which are a consequence of the disobedience of the man, of the person, about the God's request whereby they were obeying Him freely in everything,  abstaining from eating of the tree of the good and evil. Few ones remember this disobedience, which already God warned that they had to obey Him, and many criticize the pain and the suffering that happens after the first sin, the original sin.

I think that we would have to think more about the Paradise, that it's the first thing that God created for us; He wanted an eternal life, a life forever, happy!, with peace!, without wars, or hatreds, without evilness, everyone good!, without having diseases, without pain, without death; but having, each and everyone, a healthy, happy and eternal life, in the Paradise. He, God, didn't want that we were dying, was not in His plans, but yes that it's in His plans, and was in His plans, that we were free, and we are free. Why our first parents did not obey to Him? Now we all pay for this disobedience. But Jesus Christ came and paid, God Himself, for the sin of each one of us, you, I, all, for this, I say to you, my friend, that we are saved, those who we believe and obey, because it's necessary to obey God, this one is the condition of always, God put it in the Paradise, and it continues being in force, it's necessary to obey the God's will, to obtain the prize of the Kingdom of Heaven, the Paradise! Is it so difficult to understand this, my friend?, please, think it and enjoy of your faith; it's wonderful!

Let's fulfill the Ten Commandments, let's live in God's Grace! Let's obey his Law, the God's Law, the Ten Commandments! Let's belong to his People, of this People that has Alliance with God, this Alliance that Jesus Christ extended to all, not only to the Jews, but to all those who want to be saved, to all those who want to obey God. Yes, to you, to me, to all.

Now we experience that we die, now we live the suffering, the pain of the suffering for the imperfection in the evil acts of the evil men, also of the men, of the fool persons, of these that do the things, not for evilness, but, so often, for doing what the others do, for what they think that they must do, without bearing in mind what God wants that it's done; and the consequence of not doing the things good, as God wants, be it for evilness or foolishness, always it's an evil, always happens an evil that harms the man, the planet Earth.

But God, loving us so much, decided a fantastic strategy, that Himself would come to the world and would carry with the sins of the whole world, with the disobediences of the whole world, being He obedient to God the Father; because yes, I speak about Jesus, the Messiah, the Son of God, who with the power of God entered to the womb of the Virgin Mary and started existing and existing as Son of God and of the Virgin, this is wonderful, this is our faith, this is fantastic, because, my friend, we are saved!, there is a Christ on the Cross, there is a resurrected Christ, there is a Christ who rose to Heaven to preparing there the new dwelling place for us, the new Paradise for those who obey in the earth, to God, Who is in the Heaven. The keyword is obedience, the wonderful word is Jesus Christ, the magnificent word is Maria, the word that you need to know is Eucharist.

I love you very much.

Thank you my friend.

Always go ahead with faith.

María Durán de Bellido
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