Tema Actual

  • "The joy of living"
  • "The joy of living"

Tema Actual 9 - THE EUCHARIST

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Dear friend, is admirable to have the certainty, the sureness, the wonderful happiness of being able to join to God, body with body, soul with soul, mind with mind; the saints become like that, God does them through their will and obedience, of taking communion without mortal sin. Happiness!

It can seem to be pedant, if I say to you that I want that God makes me saint, because when I hear some persons that conform saying: "I already know that I will go to the Purgatory". That for me, it gives me so many sadness, so much pain, that one person accepts the Purgatory without asking for go to Heaven, and fighting to go to Heaven; I think that it's necessary to fight to obtain the first prize, and God says that we can, with Him, we can, and the saints could. And it's so hard to think that after the death I still have to wait to be in the arms of my Daddy, of my Daddy God. Besides, I know that is Christ who gives me the salvation, who gives us the salvation, who gives me the saintliness, who gives us the saintliness, then it is not pedantry, but it is a faith in the Holy Trinity. I believe in God.

I encourage you, my friend, to have desire of going to the Heaven immediately, and I comment to you that it's good to don't sin, that is good to obey God and to fulfill the Ten Commandments of His Law.

There are some persons who comment that the good thing is to live for today, but I think that any person lives for today, they all have some illusion in something of the earthly future, in complete the payment of the house and that it be already of their property, in having the children elder to be able to rest in the nights, and so many things, as obtain a good employment in the future, that a plan comes true; not, I don't think that the people live only for today, I think that it is not true, so many people expect to fall in love in that future, others, like me, want the saintliness, and we are going from confession to confession, from Eucharist to Eucharist, to fight against our sins and to be every time better by the God's Grace.

The strength of the God's holiness and God's divinity, the strength of His infinite love, covers us in the Sunday embrace, in the Holy Mass. His Heart beats and marks our palpitation, filling us with happiness, the happiness of His love. Tell me, tell me if God doesn't have power to save us, to make us saints. I will say it to you, yes, yes, yes that God has the power to make us saints. Then, get in line, go to the altar to receive the Eucharist.

I love you very much my friend.

Always go ahead with faith.

María Durán de Bellido
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